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  • AGEST launches factory cyber security solutions to Japan market collaboratively with four companies

AGEST launches factory cyber security solutions to Japan market collaboratively with four companies

AGEST, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “AGEST”) which supports the improvement of software quality and safety through the use of advanced quality technologies has built a cybersecurity model line called the DX Factory Network in Japan and begun providing it on a demonstration line for the purpose of addressing the challenges of factory Operational Technology (hereinafter referred to as “OT”)  security in the Japanese manufacturing industry, in collaboration with four companies, Siemens K.K(hereinafter referred to as “Siemens”) , i-Den Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “i-Den”), Network Value Components Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NVC”), and Nozomi Networks, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Nozomi”).


From left to right: i-Den, Nozomi, AGEST, Siemens, NVC

In promoting DX in manufacturing, OT cyber security in factories is critical and is becoming increasingly important as a common issue from large businesses to smaller ones. While there are still few specific examples of OT network in Japan, the integration between the technologies, operations, and services of Siemens and those of the other four companies will enable, as well as continuous monitoring of security risks to factories, secure remote access, asset management of internal facilities, and even monitoring of control communication protocols.

 AGEST will work with NVC to provide incident monitoring and operation services (Managed Security Service: MSS) for OT security, which is critical for cyber security. Meanwhile, Siemens offers ” Scalance”, an industrial network product. Cyber security required in OT is featured by the fact that availability is its first priority, while it leverages technologies and expertise used in Information Technology . It adopts a cell concept, in which it divides facility networks into a group of cells, determines the security level for each cell, and takes measures according to that level. The multi-layering of cells reduces the impact of security incidents on production, as well as supports the Zero Trust security models. i-Den is responsible for the design and production of DX security control panels. NVC is the domestic distributor of an OT security product “Nozomi Networks Guardian“.

The initiative plans to grow by collaborating with more companies in the future. The companies are committed to expand and deepen the solutions to meet the challenges in factory security for Japanese manufacturers.

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