Innovating the next generation of  QA


AGEST Group will evolve a safe and secure digital society and support its further development.


  • Quality Security Agility

    Quality, Security and Agility – Three values we offer that give our clients a competitive edge.

    To enhance competitiveness in manufacturing in the highly uncertain era represented by the coming DX society and VUCA, which will be supported by a vast amount of software, it is extremely important not only to improve conventional quality, but also to provide secure security and agility to enhance competitiveness.
    AGEST provides an all-in-one solution to these quality issues and helps customers concentrate on manufacturing.


    More than 16,000 projects supported, regardless of industry or sector. We offer a wide range of services from upstream to implementation.

    We have supported many customers in all industries with our diverse solutions and accumulated know-how.
    We promise reliable support based on our proven track record, including upstream quality consulting, strategy, test design and execution, agile testing, test automation, vulnerability assessment, and more.


    People, Processes and Technology Optimal solutions for diverse issues.

    With the diversification of challenges in manufacturing, such as market uncertainty and release speed, and the increasing sophistication of agile development and microservices, testing in the future will be a choice between “manual testing by humans” and “automated testing by machines”, and a shift to shift-left testing at an early stage of the development lifecycle. approach is important.
    We have a nationwide implementation system for manual testing, and can handle both cases where we work with the client’s team and outsourcing.
    We also have many engineers at group companies such as LOGIGEAR of US and AGEST Vietnam of Vietnam, which provide automated testing using Autify, mable and other tools.
    We provide the best solutions for our customers’ issues, from waterfall development to agile development.


    QA, software development, security, etc. A large number of diverse specialists are on staff.

    AGEST has a diverse team of specialists in the fields of QA, software, infrastructure, and security.
    In addition to being a Global Partner of ISTQB, an international certification body for software testing, AGEST also has a large number of security certified professionals and is always up-to-date on the latest technologies.

  • R&D Education and Training

    Exploring advanced quality technology R&D and education system by experts.

    AGEST has the “AGEST Testing Lab”, an advanced quality research institute, and the “AGEST Academy”, an advanced education institute. We are exploring technology.
    In the area of security education, we have produced many security engineers from game testers through our Cyber Boot Camp (CBC) program, and we also provide external programs to strengthen internal skills.


    We meet the diverse needs of operations related to the quality control of various contents. With the world’s most advanced technology at our core, we provide solutions to our customers in a wide range of business domains. We have the technology to achieve high quality in all of our business domains.