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We contribute to the development of an advanced digital society by providing next-generation QA solutions.

In recent years, the development environment of client companies has changed due to the acceleration of Digital Transformation and others, and expectations for DIGITAL HEARTS Group have expanded from simple execution of software testing to advanced Quality Assurance (QA) service such as utilization of test automation and QA consulting services.

Under these circumstances, AGEST, Inc. was launched today with the aim of creating a “Next-Generation QA” model that dramatically evolves the technological capabilities and expertise in QA that we have accumulated over the years. AGEST was formed by spinning out Enterprise Business Department of DIGITAL HEARTS Co., Ltd., and is aiming to be an attractive group in which leading-edge quality technology engineers gather naturally. At the same time, we have also established ” AGEST Testing Lab.” as an in-house research institute to establish new methods of software testing and develop testing tools suitable for agile development. We are now better positioned than ever to promote stronger collaboration with industry experts, universities, and research institutes in Japan and overseas.

AGEST is promoting the research on cutting-edge technologies and the development of QA tech-lead personnel who are up-to-date with the latest technologies. By providing next-generation QA solutions, we are contributing to the creation of an advanced digital society with our Group’s mission of ” SAVE the DIGITAL WORLD.”

April 1st, 2022
Representative Director and President
Yasumasa Ninomiya